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The Mindful Project 2nd Annual Mental Health Exhibit : Beam On


May 1 to June 28, 2018

Free admission. The Old Town Hall is wheelchair accessible. 

In honour of Canadian Mental Health Week and National Youth Week ‘The Mindful Project’ Will be showcasing its 2nd Annual Art Exhibition and 
explore the expressive and cathartic process of creating and sharing art.

Special Events & Programs

Discovery Walking Tours

Walks will be departing from Old Town Hall (460 Botsford Street)

Free Admission. Register at play.newmarket.ca

1 to 2 p.m.

June 7 - Native Plant  and Tree Discovery

Join us this Spring for Discovery Walking Tours as we embark on a light walk and take in the sights all throughout historic Newmarket. Walks are 1 hour in length and the perfect outing for those wishing to pursue their passion for learning in and about Newmarket, a town ‘Well beyond the ordinary’.

Late Night Paint Night

7 to 10 p.m. 
$35/ person

June 21 - Golden Sunset, Course Code: 115361

Register with friends to make it more fun! Register at play.newmarket.ca

Bring your creativity and imagination to Late Night Paint Night. Join this fun and social evening. Create your own masterpiece with step-by step instructions from painting instructor Judy Horan of Art Circle. No experience is required and paint, brushes and canvas included. Beverages available to purchase on site. Our featured paintings below!

Old Town Hall Gallery Submission Forms

Booking Space at Old Town Hall

The beautiful spaces at Old Town Hall are available for rent.  Inquiries to be made directly by email to othbookings@newmarket.ca  Unfortunately due to volume we are unable to accept DROP IN inquiries. We will endeavour to respond to your email within two business days.

 In your introductory email please include the following information:

  • Date/s requested
  • Space/s requested (if known)
  • Type of event
  • Estimated number of people attending​


​​History of Newmarket's Old Town Hall


Newmarket's Old Town Hall is located at 460 Botsford Street. The two-storey Old Town Hall is an important part of Newmarket's history. It was opened in 1883 and began operating as a Farmers' Market, operating until the 1940s. The Farmers' Market brought a great deal of prosperity to the area and helped Newmarket's Main Street grow into the heart of the community. Directly across the street from the Old Town Hall is Market Square, an open meeting place where local events and celebrations are held. 

Since 2012, Newmarket's Old Town Hall had undergone substantial renovations​ to achieve architectural renaissance. A new atrium extension was added to the south side of the building representing the blending of the old and the new. Renovations and improvements were made throughout the building to make it fully accessible and ensure it functions as a culture hub  for theatre, music, dance, arts and cultural activities and numerous opportunities for continued economic growth.​

The restoration of Old Town Hall is part of a joint project with the Federal and Provincial government in which the Town of Newmarket received approximately $3.4 million in funding. As a key driver of the Town's Cultural Master Plan, this landmark will act as a hub for arts and culture and will play a key role in the revitalization of Newmarket's downtown core.​

Learn more about the history of Newmarket's Old Town Hall or check out some of the upcoming events and activities such as: 


Heritage Lecture Series ​ |  Discovery Walk Series   National 10 Minute Play Festival ​​(stay tuned for 2018)


Customer Service Kiosk Hours:

Hours of Operation:​

Tuesday - Friday, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

The Old Town Hall is wheelchair accessible. 

Services Available:

  • Recreation & Culture Program Registration 
  • Waste Sticker Sales
  • Property Tax Payments 
  • Parking Ticket Payments
  • Animal Licensing  

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