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​​​​​​​​Town of Newmarket residents are allowed to place three bags/items of garbage at the curb every other week. Additional bags/ containers must have garbage tags attached. For more information on garbage collection, view the Waste and Recycling Calendar.

Please remember to place all collection materials at the curb by 7 a.m. on your scheduled day, and not earlier than 5 p.m. the night before.

Loose or Un-bagged Material

Loose or un-bagged material in the garbage can may pose a health and safety hazard to the collection operator when in the process of dumping the material into the vehicle. Items like vacuum dust, dirt, etc. If the driver feels the loose material may be a health and safety hazard, the driver will not collect. The garbage can will be stickered for that reason. It can also create litter when the bin is lifted (bin is tipped up and over) into the truck. ​

Broken Glass

All broken glass should be boxed and clearly labelled "broken glass". Glass can rip through bags and pose as a health and safety hazard to the collection operator when in the process of dumping the material into the vehicle. Again, if the driver feels the broken glass may be a health and safety hazard, the driver will not collect. Large panes of glass will also not be picked up, it can be dropped off at the Community Environmental Centre (disposal fees will apply). ​

Furnace Filters

All furnace filters must be properly disposed (bagged) for garbage collection. Furnace filters are not recyclable. 

Disposing Toilets

​Old toilets can be collected with your regular garbage pick-up on your scheduled collection date. Please remember to detach the bowl from the tank, ensure that the toilet​ is drained properly before placing the item at the curb. 

Medical (Bio-Hazardous) Waste

Medical waste is extremely dangerous to collection staff and is not collected curbside.  This type of waste should be disposed of through a company specialized in medical waste disposal. All medical waste including syringes must be properly placed in a secure bio-hazardous container and taken to a hazardous waste facility.​

Garbage Tags

Garbage tags are peel-and-stick labels that can be attached to your garbage bag. Garbage tags (five tags for $15) can be purchased from:

 Garbage collection bin size limits 

Garbage can with open handles and a secure lid Please ensure all materials in the garbage container is bagged and/or containers do not exceed 24' x 36', do not weigh more than 22 kg (50 pounds) or exceed the limit of 125 litres (4.4 cubic ft.). Items which exceed these limits must be tagged with large item tags purchased from the Town of Newmarket.

Please remember to always use acceptable containers for garbage (in accordance to Newmarket's Waste Collection By-law 2017-19) and make note of what is accepted and not accepted in accordance to the Waste Collection By-law Schedule A

Acceptable containers for garbage include:

Metal or plastic containers

Plastic bags:

Must have two open rigid handles with a secure lid (no moulded handles on containers)

Must be securely tied

Do not use ties or bungee cords to secure lids

No loose grocery/kitchen catcher bags

Maximum size of 125 litres (4.4 cu ft.)

Maximum size of 76 litres (20 gallons)

Do not place broken glass inside bags. Place these materials in a separate, sealed and labelled cardboard box
Maximum weight 22 kg (50 lbs)Maximum weight 22 kg (50 lbs)

Please note that garbage cans/containers with rope handles or chain handles are not acceptable​ containers due to health and safety concerns for our waste and recycling staff.