Crowd boarding go train at Newmarket train station

As a member of the Greater Toronto Area, Newmarket is part of Canada's largest, most multicultural urban area. With close to 90,000 residents, Newmarket's population is skilled, educated, and experienced. Over a quarter of the population have a university degree, and over half have a post-secondary degree from a college of a university.


Eight in ten Newmarket homes are owned, nearly six in ten Newmarket residents are married, and more than half of Newmarket homes have children. The population growth rate has surpassed the rates of Ontario and Canada, and is projected to continue to grow through 2026.

Demographic characteristics 2014  Newmarket Population
Population characteristics
Total population85,920
Below age 2528,138
Between 25 and 4421,039
Between 45 and 6426,015
Over 6510,690
Median population age39
Population with postsecondary education50.82%
Population born outside of Canada27.21%
Household characteristics 
Total number of households29,875
 Average household income $115,849

Resident population by occupation
Business, finance, administration9,112
Education, gov't, social sciences6,466
Art, culture, recreation, sport1,455
Sales and service12,152
Trades, transport, operators6,103
Primary industries and manufacturing2,229

Labour force by sector
Health and social services6,971
Personal services6,044
Business services4,949
Public administration3,768

For a map of Newmarket's employment sectors, click the graphic below.For the Statistics Canada information related to Newmarket, click the graphic below.
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